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2023 Board Members



Heather Garvie has a deep love for pets, especially cats. Growing up in a home filled with various animals, including dogs, birds, gerbils, and a guinea pig, Heather developed a strong affinity for caring for and nurturing animals from an early age. Although allergies prevented her from having cats initially, as soon as she could, she welcomed them into her life. Her heart was captured by the enchanting Abyssinian breed, and her journey with these beautiful felines began.
In 2001, Heather took the first step towards her dream of breeding Abyssinians through the creation of her Abydom Cattery – a venture that would later become a significant part of her life.
Parallel to her feline pursuits, Heather carved out a successful professional career. For two decades, she worked as a property accountant. However, her interests and skills extended beyond finance. She decided to make a shift into IT, providing support for various software systems and contributing to their growth and development.
Heather’s dedication to the feline community extended beyond breeding and owning cats. As a member of the board of directors for the CCA (Cat Club Association), she served as Treasurer. Additionally, she chaired the IT committee, spearheading technological advancements to drive the organization forward.
Despite her busy schedule, Heather is a firm believer in giving back to the community. In her spare time (haha), she volunteers with St. John Ambulance as a Medical First Responder.
Heather returned to her roots in Owen Sound and seized the opportunity to introduce her new community to the world of cat shows. With the support of the No Name Cat Club, Heather successfully brought the world of feline exhibitions to the town, delighting cat enthusiasts and fostering a greater appreciation for these captivating creatures.

BOARD MEMBER: Vice-President

Kathy Balmer is a distinguished figure in the world of feline exhibitions, particularly known for her expertise as a Canadian Cat Association All-Breed Judge. Her journey in the cat show world began at the young age of 17 when she started showing Burmese cats. In 1976, she registered her cattery under the name Kalmer.
Throughout her years of dedication to the feline community, Kathy’s cattery produced numerous top-notch cats that earned National and Regional Awards. In 1998, she expanded her breeding endeavors to include Burmilla SH (also known as Asians, Bombays, and Burmilla in some other associations) and Burmilla LH (known as Tiffany in some associations). Her efforts in this area resulted in several National Winners.
Kathy’s passion for cats extended beyond breeding and showing. She actively contributed to various cat clubs. Throughout her journey, she was a member of the York County Cat Club, Simcoe County Cat Club, and the Good Mews Cat Club.
Despite maintaining a busy schedule, balancing full-time work in computer systems analysis and design, and raising two sons, Kathy remained involved in the feline world. She served on the CCA (Canadian Cat Association) Board of Directors for two terms.
As a Canadian Cat Association All Breed Judge, her experience and knowledge continue to influence fellow enthusiasts and breeders, making her a respected figure in the world of cat shows.

Contact: Bill Turner


Bill Turner has been a member of the Canadian Cat Association since 2002. With his wife, Kathy Balmer, they bred beautiful Burmese and Burmilla cats under their cattery name, Kalmer Kats. Bill spent several years working as an auto worker. During his tenure as an auto worker, he served as the recording secretary for his union. Aside from his love for cats, Bill is also a proud father and grandfather. He holds his family close to his heart and enjoys spending quality time with them whenever he has the chance. He is known for his kind and gentle nature.

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